KLH Marketing INC. is a leading Manufactures Representative Firm providing Commercial Kitchen Equipment Solutions since 1989. We are proud to announce that we are now sharing beneficial ownership with employees by becoming 100% owned by an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Trust. This marks the next step in the firm’s evolution in ownership. As an employee-owned company, KLH Marketing will continue to operate under the same business model and management structure.

People are the core of our business and the Foodservice Industry, and it is extremely important to us that we reward our employees for their passion and steadfast dedication to our valued customers by connecting their everyday work to a higher purpose while also retaining our unique people- and customer-focused culture. With our ESOP, KLH Marketing is writing a new chapter and redefining the Manufacture Rep. model and what it means to put employees first. We always ask our people to fully understand our customers and think with them like ‘owners’ when delivering our solutions. Now our people really are owners. We do things differently here, and we are charting a new path for ownership and employee investment.